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Preparing your business businesses for reopening

Cleaning Services Before COVID

We provided janitorial services to ensure your trash was emptied, the floors were swept/vacuumed and the breakrooms and bathrooms were disinfected..

Cleaning Services After COVID

Disinfecting is now an important part of all of our lives. Depending on the specifics of your facility, we are ready to assist you in implementing a disinfection plan for your work space.

CleanCraft has a 25-year history of cleaning medical spaces. Additionally, in 2018 we added an epidemiologist to our staff, as our medical trainer, to keep us abreast of the latest protocols.

If you can answer a few questions we can accommodate your specific needs.
Each business is unique and therefore they each will have differing disinfection needs. These needs are based on industry, size, facility layout and exposure to the public.
1. What is your re-opening plan? Is it gradual? What percentage of your facility will be occupied and what are the time frames for it to happen?
2. Does the public come into your space? How much of your facility is used by the public?
3. What level of disinfecting do you need? Do you have a company policy? Are    there specifications you are required to follow?
Disinfecting is different from a cleaning scope. Disinfecting takes additional time. 

Disinfecting properly will also leave a slight residue on the surface which some customers want removed as well.
Understanding your disinfection needs will enable us to implement a plan that can accommodate your budget.
CleanCraft offers reasonable, non-predatory pricing, which is rooted in calm and logic. We will be with you during, and after, as we all discover
our new normal.

Cleaning Levels: Re-Entry Response to Coronavirus Threat

To maintain a steady level of disinfection  in your facility, a regular janitorial cleaning may not be enough for you and your staff . As workplaces begin filling to full capacity, we have programs for you to disinfect your facility.
We offer three levels of disinfection that can work in combination with a regular janitorial cleaning. The decision lies in the needs of your facility, and factors such as, density, quantity of high touch areas, and access of your facility to the general public. Each “level” can be catered to meet your needs and address specificities unique to your environment. 

Level I

As an addition to existing janitorial scope of work CleanCraft uses standard EPA-approved disinfectants to sanitize high tough areas that come into frequent contact with skin (hands). This includes shared articles that facility staff touch (touchpoints) throughout the course of any given workday, including:

Level II

Recommended as an addition to existing janitorial scope of work

CleanCraft will deploy Level II disinfection at the Customer’s discretion and choice. CleanCraft will use EPA-approved disinfectants to sanitize all critical, and some non-critical items and surfaces that canpotentially host a pathogen/virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), critical contact surfaces include all items in Level I, and the following:

Level III

Generally this is a one-time service or a periodic service.

This level of disinfection encompasses the same procedures as Level II with the addition of EVS Electrostatic Spray.

This process involves the use of an electrostatic sprayer that ionizes the molecules of the disinfectant and allows the formula to adhere to surfaces. This formula kills on contact and continues to disinfect for up to 7 days, or until a new pathogen is introduced to the surface.

Please contact us to discuss your disinfecting needs  


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